17 photos of bukit lawang

17 Photos To Make You Travel to Bukit Lawang

I’ve always wanted to get to Sumatra and see the Orangutans and as it turns out, Bukit Lawang is the perfect place to do just that.

North Sumatra is a place that a lot of people choose to skip on their trip to Indonesia, favouring instead the classic backpacking spots of Bali, Lombok (i.e. the Gili Islands – although Lombok is also a lot more than too) and the slightly more adventurous travellers usually also include either Java or Komodo too.

However, just a short flight away is the relatively untravelled island of Sumatra. Through this blog and my YouTube channel, I hope that I can convince some of you to include Sumatra on your Indonesian itinerary!

Here are 17 photos to make you travel to Bukit Lawang:

They look a lot more peaceful in the jungle.
This is how we were woken up in the morning – with monkeys landing above our heads!
A mother and baby leaping over our tents.
This guy was just waiting to eat our lunch.
A pig-tailed Macaque, different to the type you find in Bali.
While this monkey stole the fruit, you shouldn’t actually feed them.
Don’t get too close when the Mother’s around.
The baby Orangutan’s just want to play with you. We got so close to them!
I never imagined we’d see them like this.
We had 4 encounters with different groups!
I think they just wanted to show-off.
A giant squirrel coming to join the fun.
There are beautiful butterflies everywhere.
The Monitor lizards come right up to your camp!
For example this guy was about 2 feet away from me.
But let’s be honest this is the real star of the show.
Wonder what he’s thinking?

After seeing these photos, I hope I have at least put the idea of visiting Bukit Lawang into your head. Call it… Orangutanception.

Seriously though, it was one of my favourite trips so far and if you do decide to visit North Sumatra then make sure to make Bukit Lawang part of your travel itinerary – you won’t regret it!

Still need convincing? Watch this video to see our whole trip!

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