Best digital nomad backpacks

Top Digital Nomad Backpacks for 2023 (And Which to Avoid)

The life of a digital nomad: Adventuring the world with nothing but a laptop, a phone, and a trusty backpack. What could go wrong?

Spills, falls, dents, and breaks. The trouble when traveling with technology is that it’s a nightmare when things get damaged (which in our experience, they always do!). That’s why it’s so important to find the perfect bag to store your gear.

Not only one that protects your valuables, but one that’s super comfortable too. When you’re constantly on the move, the last thing you want to worry about is lugging around a dodgy backpack!

In the guide below, we’re here to help you find the best digital nomad backpacks for 2023.

Best Digital Nomad Backpacks

1. Nomatic Backpack 20L

nomatic 20l digital nomad backpack

Nomatic Backpack 20L

As a long-term digital nomad and gear enthusiast, I’m here to give you an in-depth look at the newly updated 2020 V2 version of the NOMATIC 20L backpack.

Not only is this water-resistant laptop bag 20L RFID ready, but it’s also packed with helpful features that are designed to make your daily travels comfortable, secure, and stylish.

Read on to find out why the NOMATIC backpack is the ideal choice for digital nomads.

Our Score: 85/100

I have been on the lookout for a great gear bag and I’m happy to say that NOMATIC Backpack – Water-Resistant RFID Laptop Bag 20L fits all my needs.

It has enough room for everyday carry items, is extremely lightweight yet very sturdy, is water-resistant with 17 pockets in total including an expandable laptop pouch that can also house 15-inch laptops easily.

Plus, it features RFID blocking technology to keep credit cards and other sensitive information safe from prying eyes! All of this combined definitely makes it one of the best digital nomad backpacks out there!

Minor criticisms include the bag being pricey and the zipper not being as smooth as expected.

Our score is 85/100 because while the price might not be perfect, overall it’s an outstanding backpack that will protect your gear on the road.

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2. Nomatic Navigator Lite 15L

nomatic lite backpack

Nomatic Navigator Lite 15L

The NOMATIC Navigator Lite 15L is a great casual daypack for occasional travelers and everyday commuters.

It’s lightweight, durable, and has plenty of pockets for organizing all your stuff. Plus, it looks great!

You’ll love the laptop sleeve, which easily fits a 15 laptop and other valuables.

I also love the water bottle pocket – it’s big enough for my insulated bottle which makes it perfect for outdoor adventures.

Our Score: 91/100

The Navigator Lite is a bit pricey but considering the quality and features, it’s totally worth it.

I love how lightweight, functional, and stylish this backpack is. It’s spacious enough for all the things you need to take with you on your daily commute or an occasional day trip; yet slim enough that it doesn’t feel too cumbersome to carry around town.

The only minor criticism I have is that the shoulder straps could be a bit more padded.

After spending some time checking out customer reviews online and summing up their opinions into our own rating system – we assigned this bag a 91/100 score!

All in all, this is a well-designed, stylish daypack that’s definitely worth a buy.

Ready to upgrade your daypack? Find the NOMATIC Navigator Lite 15L on Amazon.

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3. Bange Travel backpack 35L

Bange Travel Backpack 35L

Bange Travel Backpack 35L

This backpack is well made with great attention to detail.

It’s compliant as carry-on luggage and yet it’s still large enough to store everything you need when going on short trips.

There are some concerns over its long-term reliability though, which I’ll go into in greater detail below.

Our Score: 65/100

The Bange 35L Travel Backpack is perfect for going on a weekend trip as it fits within the requirements of most airlines as a carry-on bag.

The laptop space is spacious enough to fit my 17″ laptop, along with all other belongings securely, plus it has great cushioning protection for my items.

Additionally, its waterproof design keeps everything dry from an unexpected rain shower, which here in Bali I am very used to!

My only concern is that it will not last a long time with consistent use. This is the feedback that is repeated within the Amazon customer reviews, so I feel it is only a matter of time before the backpack begins to break.

With a 65 rating out of 100 potential points given by our internal rating system, I would suggest that you can buy yourself one right away for short trips, but for anything longer, consider a more reliable alternative.

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Which Digital Nomad Backpack To Choose?

After reviewing the backpacks above, and using our rating system, we would suggest that the Nomatic backpack range is the most reliable nomad backpack out there.

There are understandably more expensive than the budget options available on Amazon, but it’s sometimes better to have a pricey backpack that lasts for years – rather than a cheaper backpack that breaks after a few months.

If we had to pick our absolutely favorite digital nomad backpack for 2023 – it would be the Nomatic Navigator Lite.

They have managed to combine elegance, style, and reliability to provide an all-around great travel bag.

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