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9 Best Things To Do In Coron Palawan (Updated 2023)

Coron, Palawan is a beautiful Filipino paradise. Imagine clear turquoise water lapping at white sand beaches, palm trees swaying in the sea breeze and coral reefs shimmering beneath an aquamarine surface.

Limestone karsts tower above fresh water lakes while sunken shipwrecks form reefs for marine life in the clear ocean that surrounds Coron’s islands and atolls. There’s diving, snorkelling, island hopping, beach BBQs and spectacular sunsets.

There are lots of exciting things to do in Coron, and there’s always another island just begging to be explored in this tropical archipelago in the Philippines.

Yes, you’ll find all the tropical cliches you can imagine when you’re exploring the best things to do in Coron, spread across islands that extend far to the horizon, but that’s exactly why we love it there.

We loved the adventure travel activities, the scenery and the raw nature on offer, but we also found there’s a great community of locals and digital nomads doing great stuff in Coron. In fact, we loved it so much that our Team hosted the first-ever Travel Continuously Summit here on the island.

Best Things To Do In Coron, Palawan

Top 3 Things to do in Coron Palawan

Island Hopping in Coron: Things to Do

Island hopping through Coron is definitely the best thing to do here. There are a few different itineraries available, but most will tick off the key spots.

Here are just a few of the places that you shouldn’t miss on your island hopping trip.

1. Take a dip in Barracuda Lake

Travel Continuously Summit Coron Philippines 2018

This fresh water lake has perfectly clear waters that are also perfect for swimming. Like the name suggests, you may even encounter a few barracudas when you plunge into the water from the wooden sidewalks that surround the lakeside.

Green trees and plants line the steep limestone walls that form a protective barrier against the sea. You’ll have to scramble over a few rocks to get in here from the open ocean outside, but the struggle is worth it for the refreshing water you’ll encounter on the other side.

At Barracuda Lake, it’s best to just dive straight in!

2. snorkel The Skeleton Wreck

Travel Continuously Summit Coron Philippines 2018

The Skeleton Wreck is one of our favourite places to snorkel in Coron!

It’s within free diving distance of the surface, even without fins, and you can swim down and right through its degrading remains. The ship forms an artificial reef, and it’s become a haven for marine life which clings to its sides and uses the wreck to hide or hunt.

There are turtles, groupers and all kinds of life down there on the Skeleton Wreck. It’s a stunningly diverse spot to catch a glimpse of Coron’s beautiful marine life, so don’t forget your mask and snorkel.

3. Take in the view of Kayangan Lake

Travel Continuously Summit Coron Philippines 2018

Kayangan Lake is a blue lagoon of freshwater that we think is one of the best places to visit in Coron. It’s a huge area of clear and refreshing water that you can spend hours swimming around, although it’s always busy with tourists and locals.

To get here you first arrive in Coron Bay, which is easily one of the MOST photographed spots in Palawan, if not the whole Philippines. And for good reason. It is simply marvellous, and you’ll love the views as they unfold ahead of you.

Hike up to the viewpoint, then descend over the cliffs to Kayangan Lake itself.

4. Swim between The Twin Lagoons

Travel Continuously Summit Coron Philippines 2018

Yet another paradisaical place to snorkel and swim.

The Twin Lagoon holds turquoise water and great marine life, making it one of our top things to do in Coron.

You can lie back in the water and look up at the surrounding cliffs in awe and wonder as you slowly make your way between the two lagoons that sit by side next to each other. Be careful if you’re flying a drone here, though. The limestone cliffs cause interference, and I almost crashed mine into the water trying to get aerial shots of the lagoons!

5. Have a BBQ On The Beach in Coron

Travel Continuously Summit Coron Philippines 2018

Island hop around Coron, jumping from lagoon to lake, and snorkelling from wreck to reef until you find the perfect spot for a chilled out lunchtime BBQ of grilled fish and fresh vegetables, maybe even a few cold beers if you are lucky.

Seafood is abundant here, and the locals know how to cook it up. All you have to do is relax on the beach and admire the view while gorging on a gourmet worthy lunch by the ocean.

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6. Join a Stand Up Paddle Board adventure

Glide through crystal clear waters and discover diverse undersea life such as starfish, crustaceans, and technicolour corals native to Coron’s reefs.

Rent a kayak, or SUP board, and join an organized tour that will have you gliding over crystal water full of Nemos!

You can check out the full write-up of our stand up paddle board adventure here.

Coron Island – Things To Do On the Mainland

Once you’ve finished your island hopping adventure, you’ll be pleased to know that there is just as much to do on the Coron mainland!

Below are our favourite activities available on Coron – and all easily accessible from Coron Town, which is the main base on the island for hotels, restaurants and bars.

1. Sweat your way to the top of Mount Tapyas

mount tapyas
View from Mount Tapyas

Once you’re back on dry land after snorkelling, swimming and gorging on BBQ fish, then if you have the energy, we recommend climbing to the top of Mount Tapyas.

I say climb, but Mount Tapyas is more of a slog. It’s only around 200 metres high, but in the drenching humidity of Coron this ‘mountain’ becomes a challenge.

There are over 700 steps leading to the summit, and more than a few travellers have turned around on the way up. I was drenched in sweat and thirsting for a cold San Miguel beer after just a hundred of the steps upwards!

The views from the top are breathtaking, and worth every drop of sweat. And you can usually find a local vendor selling an ice cold beer as the sun sets.

Day One of Travel Continuously Summit – including Mount Tapyas

2. Soak up the heat in the Maquinit Hot Springs

If you’re not too hot in Coron already then a trip to the hot springs is in order.

In the mangroves outside of Coron Town, are the incredible Maquinit Hot Springs.

These are salt water hot springs, a rare thing in the world, and the source of the geothermal energy is an underground volcano that vents into the sea.

maquinit hot springs

3. Relax At The Funny Lion Hotel

Once you’ve explored Coron or are burnt out trying then the best place to kick back and wind down is at The Funny Lion Hotel.

This is our top pick for accommodation on Coron. This excellent hotel has an amazing swimming pool overlooking the forest while an awesome rooftop bar offers spectacular views over the islands and is in prime position for the sunset.

The breakfasts are lavish, the drinks are inventive and the WiFi works- which is asking a lot in the Philippines.

Grab a cocktail, jump in the spa and watch the sunset over Coron.

Travel Continuously 2018

4. Take a tour of Calauit Safari Park

Visit a secluded wildlife sanctuary known as Calauit Island where African wildlife roam freely through the forests alongside indigenous species who call this special place home.

See creatures like giraffes, cheetahs, monkeys, zebras, wild buffalos, and crocodiles and endemic species like Palawan bearded pigs amongst many others!

While we haven’t actually been here personally yet, but it always comes up as an option in Coron and it’s definitely something unique to try.

coron giraffe

So Why Visit Coron?

With its turquoise waters, lush rainforests, and white sandy beaches, it’s clear why this Filipino paradise is one of the world’s most desired destinations to explore, either as a traveller, or as a digital nomad looking for an adventure-style base to call home for a few weeks.

From snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters of Kayangan Lake and slogging your way to the top of Mt. Tapyas to simply taking in the breathtaking views of the majestic limestone cliffs that’s Coron is renowned for, there is something for everyone here.

Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or just an unforgettable experience, Coron, Palawan is the perfect place to make it happen.

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