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Huge Digital Nomad Travel Trends For 2023

Huge Digital Nomad Travel Trends For 2023

Make this the year of Continuous Travel. Get ahead of the game with the latest Digital Nomad travel trends!

Now more than ever is a great time to be a Digital Nomad.

Last year saw the start of huge change in the Digital Nomad world, changes which are only going to grow into the next year and impact for years after that.

More people are leaving the traditional lifestyle and going it alone, and there is more support and more opportunity than ever before to be a success.

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The world is changing, as proven profoundly with the rise of Cryptocurency, more companies than ever are offering remote positions to workers and more people are unwilling to live a traditional life than ever before.

It’s not easy figuring out the next big thing. But as last year proved, getting ahead of the game can bring you incredible rewards.

To give you a helping hand this year, we here at Travel Continuously have compiled this list of the top trends to watch out for in the travel and digital nomad world, because we want you to live the life that you’ve always wanted to!

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Digital Nomad Trends 2018

Learn To Work Remotely This Year

It all starts by hitting the road. Learn to work remotely this year, and take advantage of the opportunities that are there.

More companies than ever are willing to discuss remote working positions with staff, many companies even offer specific remote working positions and more occupations and skills than ever before can be taken on the road.

Build up a freelancing base with your knowledge, search for freelancing jobs on websites like Upwork. The opportunities are abundant, you just have to be willing to give it a try.

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It’s Not Too Late To Get In On Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin proved to be the blow away, rampant success of last year, and with platforms like Steemit encouraging content creators into the world of Crypto it’s a good time to get involved, and it’s not too late either.

Crypto has the potential to really give a lot of Digital Nomads the freedom they have been looking for, and will only grow with more support.

And there are plenty of Digital Nomads already making a living – and a good living – from Cryptocurrency portfolios and online trading. I won’t give any advice on this, but you can win big and lose big. All within a few minutes given the volatility of the currencies.

There is a great guide available from a Digital Nomad here, who can run you through the whole process of getting started building a crypto portfolio while traveling!

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Adventure Travel Experiences

Digital Nomads and travel go hand in hand, so it’s always good to know what the travel scene is looking like, and just as people are getting more adventurous with their careers, so they are getting more adventurous with their travel experiences.

This year, adventure travel and travel experiences will see a huge rise in popularity over traditional holidays.

Travel is set to become less about the sights of a destination, and more about the experience. Be it racing a Tuk-Tuk across Sri Lanka or combining your holiday with a charitable adventure, people are looking for more from their travel than ever before.

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Local Travel Experiences

A huge part of the experiential travel trend is the local travel experience.

Nomads and travellers this year will be spending time and money hunting down authentic experiences, be it simply through using platforms such as Airbnb to book quirky accommodation in the type of neighbourhood you might never find a traditional hotel to Couchsurfing with local hosts or taking on cooking lessons with local chefs. 

The opportunities for new experiences are forever growing in the world of travel!

Digital Nomad Travel Trends 2018

Off The Beaten Track Travel

People will be getting more and more adventurous with their choice of destination to create that ultimate experience.

As the world gets smaller and more connected, people are able to venture further out, and destinations which were off the radar years ago will be very much on the radar this year.

Central Asian countries and African destinations like Bishkek, Beirut and Medellin will all be on the map as more bloggers venture here and companies start to run tours to these previously far flung nations.

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With the rise of more Digital Nomads, more adventurous countries and cities will become standard places for work and for travel.

My all time favourite, Tbilisi – the capital of Georgia looks set to blow up this year, something I’ve been promoting for the past year.

On the other side of the world, the Philippines was once considered a dangerous place, but recently with the help of Travel Vloggers and bloggers it’s become the next big thing in South East Asia, and more and more nomads will set up camp here for the long run, I guarantee it.

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The “workcation” is the ultimate combination between working remotely on vacation – a perfect balance between necessary productivity and leisurely exploration.

In this scenario, instead of taking two separate trips (one work trip and one vacation), digital nomads can do both at once!

This has become increasingly popular due to its convenience; you get some quality leisure time while also getting important tasks done all in one trip!  

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Future Digital Nomad Travel Trends

Digital nomad travel trends are constantly evolving and changing, but these trends should give you a better idea about what kind of lifestyle awaits if you decide to pursue it.

Working remotely from anywhere in the world may sound intimidating at first but with proper research it can be an incredibly rewarding experience that combines both business and pleasure!

So why not give it a try? Who knows what amazing opportunities await you out there?

With a little effort and creativity, you could find yourself living your dream life as a digital nomad soon enough!

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