mexico exploding hammer festival

Mexico’s Bizarre Exploding Hammer Festival

Mexico’s Bizarre Exploding Hammer Festival

Fun Fact About Mexico

There is an ‘exploding hammer’ festival in mexico.

Did you know that in Mexico, every year they hold the annual Exploding Hammer Festival.

On Shrove Tuesday each year, the small town of San Juan de la Vega is rocked by explosions… from sledge hammers.

Local people will attach a mix of sulpher and chlorate to the ends of their hammers.

They then smash the hammers against rail beams, making the substance explode and send up massive clouds of smoke.

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Where Is San Juan De Le Vega?

San Juan de la Vega is a small town in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico

It’s most famous for the exploding hammer festival, which has been celebrated every February for centuries.

You can see where San Juan de la Vega is on a map:

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