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How To Travel Continuously with YouTube

Making money through YouTube is one way to Travel Continuously. In the first article in our series on How To Make Money While Travelling Jordan Simons, Co Founder of Travel Continuously and Full Time YouTuber at The Life of Jord takes us through the best ways to make money from a YouTube channel.

Here Are 9 Tips And Tricks To Help You Travel Continuously With YouTube!

I’m going to be brutally honest with you. Making money through YouTube is hard work. It’s not easy, it takes a lot of time and effort to build a channel and to build an audience. When I first started making videos for YouTube, there was no instant return. I spent a lot of time editing and working for free just to get my videos out there. I worked other jobs on the side and at some points, I almost gave up completely.

There’s no shortcuts that I can show you, just hard work and consistent marginal gains. Working every day to grow your audience and to improve your videos and to make your channel better is the only real secret to success. I was persistent enough to make it work for me, and now I’m lucky enough to be able to travel continuously with YouTube, but it has taken over three years to get to a point where now, I can help you to make money from YouTube as well.

You can find a list of useful resources at the end of this article!

How To Travel Continuously with YouTube 9 TIPS & TRICKS

1- Ad Revenue

This is the first thing most people will think of when talking about making money through YouTube. Google places adverts at the start of a video and during a video, and if a viewer clicks on one of these ads, then I get a percentage of that click.

I hate to break it to you though, but Ad Revenue isn’t really a sustainable source of income unless you are a really, really big YouTuber. You need a BIG audience to make decent amounts of money, as the most you can realistically make is $1 per 1000 views on a video. That’s never been enough for me, and the most I’ve ever personally made from Ad Revenue is around $300 in a month.

It’s a good little boost, but to make real money from YouTube, you have to be a bit more creative…

2- Sponsorships

This is a popular form of revenue on YouTube. I work with companies and even tourism boards to produce sponsored content which is played on my channel. I get paid a fee by the company to promote or review their product, their service, or to promote their destination.

Through Sponsorships I’ve been paid as much as $7500 for a campaign and as little as $200. The money depends on the company you’re working with, the service you are providing them, and even to an extent, your own negotiation skills. The same company may pay a different amount to different YouTubers for the same campaign, depending on many variables such as audience size, influence and reach to name a few.

Getting sponsorship deals with companies relies on having a fairly large audience though, or at least a very well defined one. This takes time. But there are other ways in the mean time to Travel Continuously with YouTube while you build your audience up.

How To Travel Continuously with YouTube 9 TIPS & TRICKS

3- Affiliates

Affiliate links are a way of generating income through earning a percentage of the sale of a product or service which you recommend to your viewers, and at no extra cost to the customer who has clicked on the link.

This is one way of making money which doesn’t necessarily rely on having a huge audience. That’s because all it takes is for one person to click on a link you’ve recommended, make a purchase- book a hotel, purchase a product- and you automatically earn a percentage of the sale. All you need are the right products for your audience, and if your audience is targeted enough, you only need a small number of viewers to start earning. This is not just for YouTube either, you can start earning money with affiliate links across social media and websites too.

4- Licensing Clips

This is something that you can make money from without the need for any audience at all.

There are websites and companies which will pay to license video clips from you. These can be anything from newsworthy clips to funny videos, and you get a fee for this sale. This can potentially get your work shared to millions of viewers across mainstream and social media, and earn you some cash at the same time, but you also have to consider the fact that if your clip is really that good, then potentially you could make more by promoting it yourself!

You can find a list of licensing sites at the end of this article. 

How To Travel Continuously with YouTube 9 TIPS & TRICKS

5- Fan Funding

Fan Funding through platforms such as Patreon can be a contentious issue. Essentially, you ask your fans and viewers for donations to help fund your travels, and support you to keep creating content. At first this really helped to keep me going. My viewers were contributing to help me create content that they could watch, but as soon as I was earning enough aside from Patreon, then I stopped promoting this, as a lot of people do tend to think that YouTube content should be completely free, and nobody should be paying for it even through fan funding. I’ll let you decide if that’s true or not!

6- Merchandising

Apps! T-Shirts! Hats! Products!

Merchandising is a way to make big money in the YouTube game, and a way to make it outside of YouTube on your own platforms. Big YouTube names use their channel to funnel their audience to different websites where they have created products which are useful, which add value to their viewers lives and that their viewers are willing to spend money on. In this way, a YouTube channel can be a great way to promote other services and products that you can then make money from to travel continuously!

How To Travel Continuously with YouTube 9 TIPS & TRICKS

7- Freelancing

By creating videos for YouTube, by learning to edit, to promote, to shoot footage and take photographs, you are continually developing your own skill set. And this can become a resource which you can outsource, to freelance, to create content and to work on other projects which can then give you an income.

8- Crossposting

YouTube is just the beginning. There are many other websites which you can Crosspost your videos to as well. This can give you more opportunities to not only gain a new audience but to also make money in similar ways to YouTube!

You can find a list of sites that you can Crosspost to at the end of this article. 

9- Stock Footage

The final way that I’m suggesting to use YouTube to make money is to upload footage and images to Stock Footage websites. Companies like Shutterstock work as a market place where buyers can purchase the license to your images or footage, that they then use in their own projects. I don’t have a huge amount of experience with this personally, so I would love to hear from anyone who makes a living this way, as it is definitely a viable source of income!

You can find a list of Stock Footage websites at the end of this article. 

How To Travel Continuously with YouTube 9 TIPS & TRICKS

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