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Joining The Adventure Bag Crew – A Social Movement in Bali

Beaches Full of Plastic

You might be imagining perfect clean beaches when thinking of going to Bali, Indonesia. And the beaches are beautiful, the scenery is amazing and it’s one of the best places to live in. However, sometimes the beaches are full of plastic. But we can do something about it. Keep on reading to find out what.

Our Story with Adventure Bag Crew

Last weekend we had our first Adventure Bag Crew action that we took part in here in Canggu, Bali. The Adventure Bag Crew only started a couple of months ago, and it was Jackson Groves who began collecting the trash he found on mountains and beaches and speaking about it on his social media channels. That is how we heard about the movement and when we heard they’re organising a beach cleanup in Canggu, we jumped to help collect the trash off the beach.

The adventure bag crew bali
This only took about 5 minutes to collect!
The video we filmed on the cleanup day!

How It Works

You might wonder what are the steps that you can also take in your adventures in order to join in the Adventure Bag Crew movement. Whether you’re on holiday, watching the sunset, or whether it is someplace you visit or where you live, if you see rubbish around take a bag with you and collect it.

The concept is simple, and the idea is to pair adventuring with a thought process.

STEP 1: Collect a bag of trash next time you go on an adventure into the mountains, jungle or the beach.

STEP 2: Sharing your Adventure Bag on social media is just as important as collecting it. The idea isn’t to receive praise or brag about the good deed. The sole purpose of sharing your Adventure Bag is to inspire your friends and family to join the movement. If you pick up one bag of trash and inspire nine people to do the same on their next adventure, your total is 10.

STEP 3: The Adventure Bags will be reposted on the @adventurebagcrew Instagram and on the stories so more people can see. The hashtag is #adventurebag.

adventure bag crew

Share Your Story

If you have been recently on an adventure or just on a stroll and collected some trash, share your story with us. Share what you have seen and how people have come together to help their environment. We are more than happy to share them as well!

adventure bag crew

How You Can Help

If you agree with the ideas being shared here then remember to take a bag with you next time and encourage other people to do the same. You can also SHARE this article and put your own Adventure Bag photo in the comments so more people will know about this movement!

The loudest of voices sometimes start from the smallest ideas. If we all take part, then we really can make a difference.

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