Large Minority Travel Sri Lanka Challenge

This Adventure Traveller Will Show You How To Lose The Fear And Believe In Yourself!

Julian Carnall is the co-founder of adventure travel company Large Minority. He runs insane trips that throw people right out of their comfort zone, from racing Tuk Tuks across Sri Lanka to survival challenges in the Amazon rain forest. Julian speaks to Travel Continuously about what motivated him to help start an adventure travel company, and why he wants to help people to see the world!

“Lose the fear. If you’re not sure how to, learn to lose the fear and believe in yourself”.

I’ve been travelling since a very young age and some of my earliest memories involve getting on an aeroplane. I’ve always had a passion for visiting new places and I know that I will ALWAYS get that buzz that people experience when they visit a place for the first time!

Large Minority Travel Sri Lanka Challenge

That’s one of the reasons I got into the travel industry in the first place. My first job was in the glamorous world of incentive travel in the Middle East. It sounds a lot different to the Tuk Tuk races and adventure tours that I run through Large Minority now, but learning to plan complex itineraries while putting on the best possible show for people was incredible experience that led me into what it was that I really wanted to do.

That’s why I do it.

Ultimately, the reason I travel, and the reason I took my passion for travel into business is to give other people the opportunity to experience places that I know so well, places that I love.

It’s a real buzz.

And that’s why I do it.

Large Minority Travel Sri Lanka Challenge

It all started from the back of a Tuk Tuk in Sri Lanka.

My co-founder and I had a bit of a light bulb moment when we were driving on a dirt track in the middle of Sri Lanka.

We thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could organise an epic Tuk Tuk race. And our Sri Lanka Tuk Tuk challenge was born right there. Since then, after we took the plunge to make it a reality, I’ve been organising Tuk Tuk challenges each year, and we’ve expanded to Cambodia, and even the Amazon and the Philippines, where we arrange even more adventurous tours. Even if i had all the money in the world, you can be sure that I’d still travelling non stop.

I also firmly believe in trying to make a positive difference in the travel industry. Responsible travel is something I’m very passionate about and believe that all aspects of the travel industry should give major consideration to the destinations and the people living in the destinations, and that’s something I am trying to do all the time too.

Large Minority Travel Sri Lanka Challenge

A close run in with an elephant.

Our challenges don’t come without their dangers, but as with anything in life, as long as you look after yourself then you can take risks.

There was a very close run in with an elephant on our last Sri Lanka challenge, but unless you put yourself out there and take risks, then you won’t get anywhere.

Even if that means risking a few close calls with elephants…!

Large Minority Travel Sri Lanka Challenge

Travel will never be about making a quick buck.

The best advice I can give  to anyone looking to travel continuously or to start their own business is to stick to doing what you do best.

Stick to your niche.

It will never be about making a quick buck from who ever you think is going to pay you the most for whatever job that comes around. That’s not how it works in this industry.

Work hard, put the effort in and in the end people will pay you better for something that you do well, something you are trusted and respected for and something you can deliver true value on.

In the end, for anyone starting out in the travel world, it just comes down to this:

Lose the fear.

If you’re not sure how to, learn to lose the fear and believe in yourself.

Julian Carnall, Co-Founder of Large Minority 

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All Pictures In This Article Were Taken By Jordan Simons!

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