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Travel Continuously - From Desk Job To Deck Chair

We are happy to share the release of the first in a series of eBooks which will help you to Travel the world continuously.

The First Step: From Desk Job To Deck Chair is the story of Jordan Simons, co-founder of Travel Continuously and YouTuber at The Life of Jord. 

Jord is here to show you how you can take the first step towards changing your life and living the life you want to live!

Here’s what Jord has to say:

I used to sit in an office, looking out the window and dreaming of traveling but not knowing how to make it happen. After a lot of hard work and stumbling blocks along the way, I’m now living the life I’ve always wanted to lead.

It wasn’t easy, I’ll be honest. There’s no easy way to travel continuously and just like anything that’s worth doing, it takes hard work. But if you are willing to put in the work and if you want it bad enough then you can.

So read on to learn my story, to learn how I am able to travel the world continuously and how you can too.

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The First Step: From Desk Job To Deck Chair has been produced by the Travel Continuously Team, in partnership with The Life of Jord

Travel Continuously retains all rights to this eBook.

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