A Digital Nomad in Canggu

Living The Digital Nomad Dream In Canggu!

Right Now We Are Living The Digital Nomad Dream In Canggu, Bali!

Hello Nomads!

The Travel Continuously Team are living the Digital Nomad dream right now in Canggu, Bali.

For the first time in months, in fact, for the first time since the founding of Travel Continuously we are all in the same location, working hard on an awesome project and the future of this website!

And there’s no better location for a Digital Nomad right now than the green rice fields and white sand beaches of Canggu.

Our Mission Is To Show You How To Travel The World Continuously

This is a good point in the development of this website to remind you all of exactly who the Travel Continuously team are, why we founded this resource and where we want to take it.

We have been a little bit quiet over the last few weeks, as we have been putting all our time and energy into organising our first ever trip, The Travel Continuously Summit, which is taking place in Coron this May. It’s for this reason that we are living in Canggu, as we are working hard on this project right now!

As part our commitment to this website and to building it into both a resource and a place that inspires up and coming travellers to live their dreams, the Travel Continuously Team will be posting regular updates of our lives, struggles and work life from around the world, to show you all that if we can live the dream, you can too.

And that starts with this post from Canggu, and will carry on weekly- maybe forever…!

So Who Are The Travel Continuously Team?

Travel Continuously was founded by Jord and Rich to help you learn how to travel the world continuously. We want to help travellers like you to realise their goals, to live location independent lives and to become the content creators and Digital Nomads they want to be.

We know from experience that leaping into the unknown is no easy task. It takes a lot of courage, and we want to make that transition to a location independent life as smooth and easy as possible.

We can tell you though, it isn’t easy and we want to show you guys the raw and realistic side of this life too. This starts with the website, our articles, interviews with successful and aspiring Digital Nomads and carries on for those who really are ready to take the next step, with our flagship Travel Continuously Summit, an elite conference, networking and teaching event that will take place across the world, regularly. 

So you can get to know us a little bit better, here are we are, your guides through this turbulent world of travel:

Jordan Simons – Founder, Full-Time Traveller

Founder of the YouTube channel TheLifeOfJord, Jordan has been travelling the world continuously for the past three years.

“Over the past few years I have learnt how to work online to fund my travels. I believe it is something that anyone can do with the right tools and attitude.

I set up Travel Continuously to give other people the resources to do the same. I wished for knowledge like this when I started out and I hope it can help people along the way! “

Richard Collett – Co-Founder, Editor And Writer

Richard Collett Travel TrampFounder of the blog TravelTramp, Richard has been travelling for over 3 years while getting ridiculously far off the beaten track.

“I want to inspire you to make travel your lifestyle! I’m the editor here at Travel Continuously and I believe that anyone who wants it enough can do it.

I’m an adventure traveller who loves nothing more than getting off the beaten track. I write travel blogs with a dash of journalism and take photographs along the way”.

Olivia Dejeu- Social Media And Press Relations Manager

Illustrious by OliviaFounder of the fashion & travel blog Illustrious by Olivia.

Olivia is currently travelling the world and showing her journey to her growing audience while managing the social media and PR of Travel Continuously.

“I believe everything can be achieved with hard work and dedication. You just have to hold on really tight to your dreams and never let them go”.

Working And Living In Canggu!

We have been in Canggu for the past week, and we aren’t going to lie to you, we are living in a little bit of luxury right now. The thing is though, we aren’t paying the price you would expect to pay for that luxury…

Digital Nomads tend to gravitate towards cheaper, good value destinations, but more than that they need solid internet, good food, good drinks, good accommodation- we don’t ask for a lot!!! Few places really meet all the criteria. Recently, Canggu has become popular, because it is starting to meet all of those requisites!

We have been blogging from our Air BnB apartment while we sit around the swimming pool, and at night retire to private rooms with air con, fridges, all just a short walk from the beach and the bars, and right now we are only paying around 10 USD a night each.

There’s so much to explore here in the downtime too – not that we have much free time, because we are putting all our energy into making our first Travel Continuously Summit a real success.


The Travel Continuously Summit Coron 2018

Our first event will be in Coron, this May. Just a few short weeks away, and we are really excited, but also a little nervous. It is our first event after all…

We have been busy organising the guest speakers- we confirmed these just the other day, and are really proud to have Anton Diaz and Jord Hammond travelling with us to the Philippines.

We’ve been organising tours, planning lessons and doing everything we can to ensure not a single thing is missed!

Travelling with us will be a group of really talented and very motivated travellers who are looking to take their careers to the next level, and in Coron, we will show them exactly how to do that.

The Future Looks Pretty Good Right Now

Our first event is just the start. We have more planned over the next few years and long term we are hoping to encourage as many people to live their life they want to, but importantly, to show them how to do it. There’s no point dreaming if you can’t make it a reality.

We have lots of exciting content along the way for the websit, and we are confident that it will become the first point of call for aspiring nomads looking for inspiration and advice in the future.

The team now has a few weeks in Bali and Asia before the big event in Coron, and after that, we have more exciting travels planned all over the world!

Safe Travels Nomads!

The Travel Continuously Team

Travel Continuously is a community based platform, and we want you to be involved. 

Do you travel continuously? Are you a full time traveller, digital nomad or expat? 

We would love to hear from you! Get in contact to share your story with us, to be featured on Travel Continuously, to let us know what we’ve missed, what you want to hear and even what we’re doing wrong! Together we can help inspire others to follow their dreams and travel the world!

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