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Jord & Rich in Nepal, 2019

Hey – We Are Jord & Rich

Our Mission Is To Help More People To Travel Continuously

We started this site to help people who want to live a location independent lifestyle.

Below we’ll give you a quick background of who we are and why we started Travel Continuously.

  • We create Travel Blogs, In-Depth Articles & Digital Nomad Guides
  • We’ve been traveling for 5500+ days through 120+ countries
  • 500,000+ followers across YouTube & Social Media.

Why We Started Travel Continuously

Hey! Jord here.

After quitting my job to travel the world in 2014, I have been on the road for the past 8+ years.

Since then, I’ve traveled to over 100+ countries and learned how to earn an online income to fund my travels.

In the early days, I wished for a resource that would teach people how to travel continuously. Unfortunately… it didn’t exist.

So I decided to make it myself.

This is when Travel Continuously was born.

I partnered with an award-winning travel writer and friend, Richard Collett, to create a website that would help people learn how to travel the world continuously.

Through this website, we will help 1000s of people to fulfil their dream of living as a digital nomad.

We firmly believe that traveling continuously is something that anyone can achieve, no matter where you’re from, with the right tools and attitude.

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Jordan Simons

Founder & Travel YouTuber

Travel has changed me. It’s a cliché, but for me it’s true.

Over the past 8+ years, I’ve made some life changing memories and met some incredible people around the world – all because I made an unconventional choice and started following my passion.

I’ve now traveled to over 100+ countries, while sharing my journey with a YouTube following of 250,000+ people.

Now I want to encourage more people to make unconventional choices and set their own paths.

More than ever, my mission is to help people to travel the world continuously.

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Richard Collett

Award Winning Travel Writer & Editor

Hi! Rich here.

I live for travel. Quite literally. Over the years I’ve managed to make a successful career out of travelling the world and writing about it.

I have worked with publications such as Lonely Planet, BBC, National Geographic and The Independent.

I’m the Chief Editor at Travel Continuously and together with Jord, we plan to turn this into an invaluable resource for anyone looking to travel the world full time.

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