Beautiful Photos Of The Philippines

More Photos From The Beautiful Philippines!

The Philippines is undeniably beautiful.

The archipelago is a paradise. Which is why we here at Travel Continuously chose to host our first summit in Coron. We will be announcing the winners soon, and if you missed out, don’t fear, we will be hosting another summit later in the year too.

But Coron is just one of thousands of islands that make up the Philippines. Each is different, each has its own unique culture, landscapes history and cuisines. It’s a diverse land, and a place that any traveller would struggle to see in its entirety even in a whole lifetime.

To celebrate the awesomeness of the Philippines, and to inspire you to travel here too, here are a few photos that the Travel Continuously Team took from around the country on their last trip here.

More photos from the beautiful Philippines!

Beautiful Photos Of The Philippines

The Philippines is known for its white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. This is El Nido, one of Palawan’s most popular destinations.

El Nido is the picture of paradise, limestone karsts and tropical islands dot the stunning landscape.

Beautiful Photos Of The Philippines

The Philippines is home to over seven thousand islands. Each is unique, each is interesting.

Beautiful Photos Of The Philippines

And being an island nation, fresh fish is very much on the menu, all the time.

Beautiful Photos Of The Philippines

But you shouldn’t just visit the Philippines for beaches and blue waters. Inland, the rice paddies and fields are a beautiful sight to witness too

Beautiful Photos Of The Philippines

Winding mountain roads in the rugged interior of islands such as Luzon can be tackled in heavy duty Jeepneys, the country’s most famous form of transport.Beautiful Photos Of The Philippines

In Luzon, at Batade you can find the spectacular Rice Terraces, a UNESCO World Heritage listed area where the locals have for centuries farmed on the steep sides of the mountains they call home.

Beautiful Photos Of The Philippines

The views from high over the mountains sweep through villages and fields below.

Beautiful Photos Of The Philippines

The Philippines is a truly diverse place, beaches, mountains and islands all offer the traveller beautiful places to explore in a beautiful country!

Beautiful Photos Of The Philippines

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