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Resorts for Digital Nomads: Are They Off The Table? (2023)

With recent shifts towards being digital nomads, the way people travel and choose accommodations has changed significantly.

It’s pretty common these days to find digital nomads living in affordable hostels, co-living spaces, or Airbnb rentals. But what about resorts?

Have resorts become obsolete? Are they even needed if you’re already seeing the world as a full-time traveler?

resorts for digital nomads

Resorts for Digital Nomads: Are They Off The Table?

The answer to this question is a resounding no. In fact, resorts can provide a much-needed luxury break and might be more economical than you might think.

But what is a resort, exactly?

A resort is a place designed for tourists or vacationers, offering a variety of amenities and recreational facilities. These often include accommodations like hotels or villas, food and drink establishments, sports, entertainment, and shopping. In short, they provide everything you could need – perfect for a digital nomad, perhaps.

There are many types of resorts, too, such as beach resorts, ski resorts, spa resorts, golf resorts, and all-inclusive resorts. All-inclusive resorts, for example, charge a fixed price that includes most or all items. At a minimum, most inclusive resorts include lodging, unlimited food, drink, sports activities, and entertainment for a fixed price.

For example, you can stay with Iberostar adults-only resorts in Mexico for under $300 per night at an all-inclusive rate, giving digital nomads a staycation option for play and work!

It’s something I’ve done a few times over the years – book the all-inclusive option and combine your work and play.

reasons Why Digital Nomads might like to stay in resorts

Here are a few reasons why digital nomads might like to stay in resorts:

1. Resorts Are Luxurious and Functional

Despite the allure of a flexible work schedule and exotic locales, the digital nomad lifestyle can be taxing.

Working long hours and dealing with the challenges of remote work can take a toll on one’s mental and physical well-being. It is crucial for digital nomads to prioritize self-care and take occasional breaks to rejuvenate and recharge.

Resorts offer the perfect solution for digital nomads looking for a luxurious escape from their daily grind.

However, let’s say you need to check back into your emails, jump on a Zoom call, and potentially get some work done…

Resorts offer resilient Wi-Fi connectivity, often with dedicated workspaces and even meeting rooms.

2. Increased Productivity

Beyond the great Wi-Fi and workspaces, there is an argument to be made that they’re the perfect environment to be productive in.

Firstly, you don’t need to commute to a local cafe working space, you can just get the elevator downstairs.

When you usually would head off around 5 pm back home because you need to cook dinner and tidy up your flat, this is taken care of.

With housekeeping and food being cooked for you, your mental space is 100% dedicated to work.

And, things like hitting the gym also save time, as it’s within the same premises. 

3. Economical Options in the Off-Season

While the idea of staying at a resort may seem expensive, digital nomads can enjoy luxury accommodations at a fraction of the cost by traveling during the off-season.

Resorts often lower their prices to attract guests during these periods, making it an ideal time for digital nomads to take advantage of discounted rates and exclusive deals.

In addition to reduced prices, off-season travel also means fewer tourists, allowing digital nomads to enjoy a more peaceful and relaxing experience.

4. Discounted Prices for Long-Term Stays

Resorts may offer long-term stays, but it’s usually best to ask over the phone or email first.

If you stay longer, you can also factor in costs saved elsewhere.

For example, with free food, no commuting, free internet and bills, free gym, swimming, and entertainment… it’s possible that you’re not actually spending too much more.

And, for the little extra you do spend, there’s of course a convenience, security, and comfort benefit.

What Are The Drawbacks to Consider?

Of course, it’s a little unrealistic to expect to travel the world by hopping from one resort to another.

Nor would you want to – after all, you’re not really getting a taste for the local culture, or potentially even the cuisine.

They might be a good place to meet people, but it will likely be tourists on a 10-day vacation, not long-term friends or potential business partners.

Are Resorts Helpful For Digital Nomads?

Resorts are far from off the table for digital nomads. They can be a well-deserved luxurious break or the ultimate productivity environment, depending on the person.

And as for money, off-season deals, and with so many things included, it’s actually a handy way to guarantee your outgoings (you don’t need to spend a penny elsewhere) – this can be a benefit to planning future finances.

But, of course, you do usually pay a premium, and this would be an insular way of traveling the world when overused.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Resorts for Digital Nomads

Are resorts a viable option for digital nomads?

Yes, resorts can be a suitable choice for digital nomads seeking a luxurious break or a productive work environment. Off-season deals and all-inclusive packages can make staying at a resort more economical than it may initially seem.

Can digital nomads work efficiently while staying at a resort?

Yes, many resorts offer reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, dedicated workspaces, and meeting rooms, making it easy for digital nomads to continue working during their stay.

Do resorts offer long-term stay options for digital nomads?

Some resorts may offer long-term stays for digital nomads, but it is best to inquire about this option directly with the resort, as it may not always be advertised online. Long-term stays could potentially result in discounted rates or special deals, making the resort more affordable for digital nomads.

What are the benefits of staying at a resort during the off-season?

Off-season travel offers several advantages for digital nomads, such as lower prices, exclusive deals, and a more peaceful and relaxing experience due to fewer tourists. This can make resort stays more appealing and cost-effective for digital nomads on a budget.

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