use vpn when traveling

Should I Use a VPN When Traveling? (2022)

Should I Use a VPN When Traveling? (2022)

Getting hacked while you are abroad can become a holiday nightmare.

Imagine losing access to your bank account, someone stealing your personal information or even your identity.

Because of these risks, it has become increasingly important to stay safe online and use a secure VPN while you’re travelling.

Even if you avoid cybercriminals who prey on tourists often, there are also other reasons to use a VPN while traveling.

Should I Use a VPN When Traveling?

use vpn when traveling

In short – yes, you should.

A VPN is a powerful tool that works through an app on your devices to protect your online security. It will keep your internet traffic safe from third-party advertisers and potential hackers.

In the following article, we will explain why it’s a good idea to use a VPN when traveling.

What Cyber Security Risks Are There When Traveling?

use vpn when traveling

Most people these days travel with some kind of computer. Whether it is a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, people usually love to stay connected when traveling.

Although technology makes travel easy, it opens new ways for hackers to steal from you. With each new wifi connection, you are exposed to new risks.

From hacked emails, to governmental spying, to stolen credit card details – cybersecurity is something that many people tend to overlook. Additionaly, the risks are even higher when you visit certain ‘less safe’ countries.

Most people will buy travel insurance when it comes to protecting their health, but won’t take appropriate steps to keep personal information safe. This is where a VPN comes in.

Why Use a VPN When traveling?

Using a VPN becomes especially important when using free public Wi-Fi in places such as airports, hotels, coffee shops, and so on.

While you surf the internet and connect with your loved ones back home, you are also exposed to some serious risks. Anyone on that particular network could grab your encrypted data easily as it moves through the public network.

Browser cookies, credit card numbers, passwords, usernames, and other kinds of information can be ripped from your mobile apps and web browser. So, with these potential risks out there, how do you keep yourself safe?

Well, this is why you should use a VPN service. A virtual private network or a VPN provides anonymity and privacy by creating a private network.

Typically, a good VPN service will hide whatever you do online, ensuring you stay untraceable and preventing hackers from accessing your information.

Why Is Using Public Wi-Fi Unsecure?

The biggest problem with using a free public Wi-Fi network is security.

It is easy for hackers to position themselves between you and the connecting point. It means that while you may think that you are sending the information directly to the host, in reality, you are sending your data to the hacker.

The hacker then relays the same information to the host. So, what happens is that the hacker gets access to the information along with your credentials.

This means that the hacker gets all your information, and they can then access everything that you have logged in to.

In addition, hackers could also use unsecured Wi-Fi connections to distribute malware. When you allow file sharing, hackers can plant infected software on your smartphone or computer. That way, they can have access to all your information.

The Importance of Good VPNs While Traveling

When you are traveling abroad, chances are that you would connect to unsecured Wi-Fi networks in trains, parks, cafes, airports, and so on.

You may use public computers to print your Visa information, flight tickets and hotel bookings.

The risk is that hackers can create fake hotspots and intercept your internet activity, infecting your devices and stealing your information.

A VPN hides your IP address so that no one can see your online activity. The best VPN services neutralize cyber threats before they can harm you. It stops you from landing on malicious sources and block advertisement on your devices.

By using a VPN you can change your IP address, encrypt your data, and restricts yourself from entering malicious websites.

Also, it protects your internet traffic, voice calls, emails, and much more.

How to Use a VPN While Traveling

When you are traveling, the last thing that you want to worry about is how safe you are when it comes to browsing the internet or watching your favorite shows.

Therefore, setting up a high-quality VPN service on your devices will allow you to focus on your travels rather than worrying about your cyber security!

A VPN is a simple app that you need to install on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Then simply connect to the internet and start using the service. Choose the server location and you’re ready to go!

You can also add the VPN extension to your browsers on your desktop or laptop too.

Your location will now be re-routed and your data encrypted.

You can now use the VPN service to access your important information without worrying about possible hacker attacks!

What Is The Best VPN for Traveling?

There are plenty of VPNs out there – both paid and free.

If you want better service along with plenty of features, it is usually best to buy the paid version. So, the decision lies with you whether you want to use the paid or free version.

While you CAN use a free VPN service, there are always restrictions (including time limits, advertisements, speed limits, and so on).

Our Favourite VPN For Traveling

express vpn for traveling

Express VPN is one of the best options for traveling abroad.

It has an extensive network of servers that work at high speed and operate in more than a hundred countries.

While some VPNs struggle with certain websites, Express VPN can unblock almost everything.

The best part about Express VPN is that it comes with a trial period that doesn’t cost you anything!

It also includes a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee in case you don’t like their services.


vpn while traveling


Getting a reliable VPN when you are traveling can save you from a lot of trouble.

There is no shortage of free VPN services that you could find, but not all of them will be helpful when you are traveling abroad.

When it comes to speed, ease of use, and extreme security features, you can consider Express VPN a great choice.

Don’t allow a hacker to ruin your vacation.

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