The 5 Year Bali Digital Nomad Visa (GAME CHANGER)

If you’re a digital nomad, then you’ll be hugely excited to hear about the new 5 year digital nomad visa for Bali.

The plan was announced in 2021 by the Indonesian Minister for Tourism and the Cultural Economy, Sandiaga Uno. This type of Visa would allow digital nomads to stay in Indonesia for 5 years and all income earned from outside Indonesia would also be tax-free!

The minister also added that the Indonesian government understands the value of digital nomads to the economy and local communities, with a long term plan to turn this little paradise island into a ‘Silicon Bali’.

So if you’ve been thinking about moving to Bali, now could be the time.

The Bali 5 Year Digital Nomad Visa: What We Know So Far

The Bali 5 Year digital nomad visa has been in the works for a few years now, and it looks like it’s finally going to become a reality. The visa would allow digital nomads to live and work in Bali for up to five years, with the possibility of renewing the visa for an additional five years.

This is great news for digital nomads looking for a long-term home base, as Bali offers an incredible quality of life at a fraction of the cost of living in Western countries. In addition, digital nomads will bring their online income into the country TAX-FREE, which would help to stimulate and support the local economy.

The visa launch has been delayed multiple times due to the COVID-19 situation, but the government remains hopeful that it will be able to launch the Digital Nomad Visa Program by 2023.

If successful, the government hopes that this digital nomad visa would help turn Bali into their dream of a ‘Silicon Bali’‘.

How to Get the 5 Year Indonesia Digital Nomad Visa?

There is currently no way to apply for the digital nomad visa.

However, this is likely to change at any time, so we recommend that you keep updated for any new announcements.

One great resource for this is BaliVisas.com. They will also be able to help you to apply when the digital nomad visa program is finally launched!

When Will the 5 Year Bali Visa Program Start?

While there’s no exact date on the launch of the visa program, it looks like it’s almost there.

The digital nomad visa has been in the works since 2019, but there have been constant delays due to Covid-19.

The government previously stated that they were ‘hopeful of launching it by July 2022’, but with that month fast approaching, it looks as if they might miss the boat on this one.

However, with a little bit of luck, it should launch before the end of 2022!

How much will the Bali Digital Nomad Visa Cost?

As of June 2022, the Indonesian government hasn’t announced the specific details of this visa. Therefore we don’t know the exact cost or necessary income for applying for the Digital Nomad visa.

However, we do know that the ‘Investment Visa’ for Indonesia currently has a price tag of 25,000,000 IDR ($1700 USD) for a 24 month visa.

If we were to follow the logic that a 5 year visa would have a similar cost attached, it would come out as roughly 62,500,000 IDR ($4300 USD).

This is purely guess work though, and we hope that the digital nomad visa will be more affordable or could be split into a yearly payment schedule.

So Why Should You Choose Bali?

This little paradise island is arguably the best place in the world for digital nomads.

In fact, Bali has consistently dominated the top 10 list for best digital nomad destinations on Nomadlist.

With its stunning beaches, lush jungle landscapes and vibrant culture, Bali is the perfect place to focus on your work and get inspired by your surroundings.

Not to mention the fact that there are plenty of coworking spaces and coffee shops to choose from, making it easy to find a comfortable spot to set up shop.

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So if you’re looking for an idyllic location to work remotely – now with the option to stay here for up to 5 years at a time tax-free – Bali should definitely be near the top of your list!

Will you be applying for the Digital Nomad Visa? Let us know below!

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