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The Philippines Starts Christmas in September

The Philippines Starts Christmas in September

Did you know that in the Philippines, Christmas actually starts in September?

Every year, from the 1st of September, decorations will be put up around the country and the festivities will begin.

You’ll even start to hear Christmas songs in all the malls, restaurants and on the radio.

It doesn’t stop after Christmas too, the festive cheer will usually continue deep into January!

If you want to find out why then keeping below.

Why Does the Philippines Celebrate Christmas in September?

It is no secret that Christmas is one of the most important holidays in the Philippines.

Not only is it a time for families to come together and celebrate, but it is also a time for businesses to make a lot of money. And one of the ways that businesses do this is by starting to promote Christmas in September.

This is when the “BER months” start – which is an acronym for September, October, November, and December.

This is when the Christmas songs start playing on the radio and in the malls, holiday promos from airlines pop up, invitations from friends and family to get together and eat out start coming in, and Christmas trees, balls, and lights now occupy every department store’s racks – literally overnight.

Philippine’s Catholic Roots

One reason why Christmas is so popular in the Philippines is because most of the country is Catholic. And since the Philippines is a predominantly Christian country, businesses know that they can capitalize on the holiday by starting to promote it in September.

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Starting Christmas in September is Now a Philippines Tradition

It has now become a tradition to buy Christmas gifts in the few months leading up to Christmas.

It’s also a chance to see family, friends, and loved ones that you might not have seen in a long time. This is probably the reason why this tradition has been successfully passed on from generation to generation.

So if you’re in the Philippines during September or October, you’ll probably see a lot of Christmas decorations and hear a lot of Christmas music – even though it’s still technically summertime!

What is a Filipino Christmas Like?

Most people think of Christmas as a time for family, friends, and gift-giving. But in the Philippines, Christmas is also a time for music, dance, and feasting.

The Philippines is a largely Catholic country, and Christmas is one of the most important holidays on the calendar. Families begin preparing for the festivities months in advance, decorating their homes with lights and candles and preparing special foods.

On Christmas Eve, many families attend midnight mass and then eat a large feast. The celebration continues on Christmas Day with more food and merriment.

Music and dance are an essential part of the Philippines Christmas tradition, and there are often community concerts and performances.

For Filipinos, Christmas is a time to come together and enjoy the company of loved ones.

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The tropical Reason

In the Philippines, the celebration of Christmas typically begins in September and lasts until January, with the most significant celebrations taking place on December 25th.

This early start to the Christmas season is due in part to the fact that the Philippines is a tropical country and December can be a very busy time of year, with many people traveling and attending various events.

Starting the celebrations early allows people to spread out the festivities and enjoy the holiday season more fully.

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Where is the Philippines?

The Philippines is located in Southeast Asia, between the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea.

The country is made up of over 7,000 islands, making it one of the most diverse countries in the world. Major cities include Manila, Cebu City, and Davao City.

You can check where the Philippines is on Google Maps here:

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