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Thumbs Up in Iran: Don’t Do THIS

Thumbs Up in Iran: Don’t Do tHIS

Fun Fact About Iran

Giving a ‘thumbs up’ in iran is considered rude.

Did you know that in Iran, a thumbs up is basically the worst thing you can give someone.

When you are in Iran, don’t give the thumbs-up sign to anyone.

It’s the equivalent or holding your middle finger up.

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Why Is Giving a Thumbs Up Considered a Rude Gesture?

A thumbs up basically means, and apologies for being crude, ‘up yours’.

You can imagine how the gesture might imply this, with the thumb pointing upwards.

In Western countries, a thumbs up is generally a good thing and can signify that everything is OK.

In Iran however, and other nearby countries like Afghanistan, it would be a very rude insult.

Just something to remember before you travel to Iran!

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What Reaction Would a Thumbs Up Get in Iran?

The reaction in the 21st century would be mixed.

It would most likely only be the older generation, that are not accustomed to foreign culture, that would be offended.

For the younger generation, most people would understand the intent of the ‘thumbs up’ gesture and have no problem with it.

Still, it dosn’t hurt to be culturally sensitive when travelling around the lesser visited areas of Iran.

middle finger up in iran

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