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Travel Videos That Will Make You Sell Your Stuff and Live From A Backpack

Travel videos have always been a source of inspiration for me.

I used to spend my time after work (and sometimes during work) watching epic travel compilation videos and wishing that it was me on the other side of the screen.

After countless nights of watching these videos, I made it my personal mission to create that lifestyle for myself. Fast-forward to 2 years later and here we are – I’m now living my dream and using this website to show you how you can too!

In this post, I want to share with you some of the incredible travel videos that have inspired and helped me along the way.

Casey Neistat – Make It Count

Old but gold. This was one of the original travel videos to really inspire me, you just have to watch it to see why.

The whole video comes across as effortless and it’s just such a cool concept. More than just inspiring me to want to travel and ‘Do More’, it also planted the seeds of wanting to create a travel YouTube channel. Check out Casey on Instagram

Sam Kolder – My Year 2016

Sam Kolder was head of the Beautiful Destinations video team for 2016 and his content is epic. This video was a compilation of all the incredible places they visited over the past year and it clearly took hours/days/weeks of editing. An important thing to note is that he only began creating content a few years ago and is now paid to travel the world full-time! you could do the same. Check out Sam on Instagram

Danny Mcgee – I Dropped Out…

This is an amazingly inspiring story from a great up and coming content creator that everyone should watch. It’s barely been viewed at all so far on YouTube but I believe it deserves it’s place among the others on here (that being said, it’s racked up over 150k views on Facebook so far). Watch it and think about if you could do the same – it only takes a year! Check out Danny on Instagram

Tyson Travel – Mt. Kilimanjaro

A visually beautiful and well-told story of Tyson’s journey to the top of Kilimanjaro. The editing and pace of the video are both brilliant and it’s definitely inspired me to get to Kilimanjaro. If this doesn’t inspire you to get out there and push your limits then I don’t know what will! Check out Tyson on Instagram

TheLifeOfJord – Quit My Job To Travel The World

Ok so, this one is mine… After watching other people’s travel videos I decided to create my own using my limited filming and editing experience. I recorded one second of footage every day over a year and created this video – it now has over 800,000 views!  I did it all on a budget of about $20 a day and it took about a month to edit. Let me know what you think! Check me out on Instagram

So that’s it! Hopefully some of these videos have helped to inspire you.

If there are any others that you think should be included then please put them in the comments below!

Jordan Simons

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