Ready to shake off the winter blues and have the ultimate spring break vacation? Check out these top 10 ideas for the most memorable trip of your lifetime

1. Costa Rica

Embrace your wild side and go on a nature adventure in Costa Rica. This country truly is the Disney land of wildlife.

2. Cancun

Party it up in Cancun, Mexico and make memories (or maybe just blackout) with your friends.

3. Caribbean

Relax and rejuvenate in a luxury resort in the Caribbean. I mean, live your best life.

4. Florida

Escape the cold and head to the beaches of Florida for some sun and fun!

5. Europe

Experience the beauty and culture of Europe with a trip to Spain or Italy.


Ok this is one for the history buffs.  Go back in time and visit ancient ruins in Egypt.

7. Theme Park Trip

Get your thrills at an amusement park like Universal Studios or Disney World. The added advantage of this is you can also get some beach time in Florida or California!

8. Asia

Go off the beaten path and visit a lesser-known destination like Vietnam or Thailand.

9. US Road TRip

Go on a road trip with your friends and visit national parks and landmarks across the U.S.

10. Staycation

Stay close to home and have a staycation in your own city or town, trying out new restaurants and activities.